Recommendation for Use sheets of Vertical Groups (VGs)

There are ten Vertical Groups which focus on different fields of PPE (see list below).

VG number Vertical Group
VG 1 Head Protection
VG 2 Respiratory Protection
VG 3 Eye and Face Protection
VG 4 Hearing Protection
VG 5 Protective Clothing, Hand and Arm Protection
VG 7 Protective Clothing against Hand-held Chain Saws
VG 8 Lifejackets
VG 9 Protective Clothing for Motorcycle Riders
VG 10 Foot and Leg Protection
VG 11 Protection against Falls from a Height

Depending on the priority of current issues they hold regular meetings, at least once a year. The solutions on technical issues are prepared under the form of ‚Recommendations for Use‘ which are submitted to the Horizontal Committee and then to the PPE Expert Group for approval. Like in the case of horizontal RfUs the vertical RfUs are then published on the European website

Those ‚Recommendations for Use‘ published on this website reflect the status of vertical RfUs approved by the Horizontal Committee members. They are not approved by the PPE Expert Group. 

For a detailed description of the approval procedure of vertical Recommendtion for Use Sheets see the file below.

Approval procedure VG RfUs
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